Fixing stuff around yourself

“The first step to fixing something is to know, no matter how destroyed it seems, it can always be saved.”

-Joe Goldberg

I was reading project work document, and for the project 1 there were some steps to complete this project about fixing things, so the first step was to examine the area where I was sitting while reading all the guidelines about project.

Now I had to select one thing that can be fixed. The very first thing that came to my mind was my “Laptop”. I was planning to clean it but couldn’t get any time so I thought this is the best opportunity to get this work done. I took a picture of my laptop so that I can compare it with clean one.

Lets start!

At this point I was thinking that maybe at the end I will be using laptop cleaning trick of Gopi bahu :(

Please help me God I’ve messed up :’(

“Hard Work Betrays None” -Hikigaya Hachiman….Excited to see???

Finally I made it!

Before that whenever I used Laptop, I always thought that it can’t be fixed it and maybe because of that thought I never tried to clean it. But thanks to this project that finally made me to do it.

After completing this project some thoughts started bouncing across my mind that forced me to find answers to some questions like ‘Aren’t our lives same like this laptop?’, We have seen so many ups and downs in our lives, some of them has damaged our personalities, behavior, thoughts and beliefs so ‘Isn’t it possible that we take leadership of our lives and fix all those areas that we have thought we can’t improve?’

We can’t change our past but we are responsible of our present and future. If we are not going to take responsibility and become a leader of our lives then no one is going to do this for us.

“As long as we make leadership something bigger than us, as long as we keep leadership beyond us and make it about changing the world, we give ourselves an excuse not to expect it every day, from ourselves and from each other.”

Drew Dudley




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Hifsa Yasmin

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